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Testimonials and Comments from Former Students & Parents


I would like to sincerely thank you for your help writing my college application essay. I managed to get everything in on time, and I have already received acceptance letters from (several universities)!  Your course was very helpful, especially in regards to the brainstorming portion of writing an essay.

When (my daughter) started your class she was really struggling with her writing. After your class she started at a private school and ended up excelling in her writing and making all A's on her stories!  I really appreciate your class and the way you teach.... Thank you very much!!

I wanted you to know that (my son) has been taking an English class for homeschoolers at our local community college and he was recently assigned a research paper. When he got out of class today, he told me that the teacher said that he was the only student who knew how to write a paper. They had to use the Chicago style but, since he took your class, he found it easy to switch from MLA to Chicago. He has been asked to bring multiple copies of the paper to class with him next week to hand out to the other students.   So, THANK YOU for the wonderful instruction. I will be emailing his English teacher with the link to your website so the rest of the class can have a shot at learning research writing themselves.


I learned sooo much out these classes. I had lots of fun doing the assignments and correcting them! I will print out our class magazine and keep it as a reminder of what a wonderful teacher you are!


I have been very pleased with my daughter's writings from this class.  She has a true love for creative writing and this class has helped her grow in her creativity, technique and enthusiasm.  She was sad to be done with this class, because it was so enjoyable.  Cyndy was very encouraging and positive in the way she critiqued my daughter's writings.  That was exactly what my daughter needed.  I highly recommend her classes!  


You really helped my daughter with her writing. In spite of her reluctance, she actually exceeded her expectations. She was more interested in writing the article for the magazine than I have ever seen her. I'm hoping that I can capitalize on her interest and get her to write more.


I very much like the analysis required of the students & the fact that they have to go deeper into the subject.  I knew I wanted something more than a survey course, something that would challenge my son a bit and that he'd find interesting.  And the course has been very successful that way!  


My 14-year-old son has tried two other online writing courses. In both cases, we were disappointed by the lack of constructive feedback. He just completed his first writing course from Woodside and he will sign up for another. The "All About Me" writing projects are a lot of fun! The feedback was very good. Ms. McKinley is a teacher who knows how to pat a student on the back while pushing him just a bit further. The opportunities to rewrite each assignment were extremely helpful. I will be recommending Woodside courses to other unschoolers.

My daughter enjoyed your class. I believe she learned plenty about personal finance and felt the course was well worth the cost. Thank you for all of your personal feedback to help her succeed. We will tell others about Woodside Learning. We would definitely consider taking another class sometime in the future. Thanks!

We enjoyed the class.  It definitely helped to alleviate my son’s fear of writing.


I have been impressed with every assignment and the level of creativity involved. I have been most impressed with the final assignment in which (my son) edited a paper he wrote at the beginning of this school year. In the midst of the assignment, he recognized how much he had learned over the past 8 weeks by the amount of mistakes in the original paper! … My comment on the class: WOW! (with tears welling up in my eyes)


It really helps that you are an experienced mom as well as instructor!


US History I/II through Woodside Learning Center provides an in depth study of history that every child should experience. Remembering dates with other programs was useless for my son as he was missing the big picture of how history was linked through various events. This online class has filled in the blanks that other programs leave open and I appreciate the deep thought provoking questions of Dr. and Mrs. McKinley. He also loved the project submissions using the National History guidelines as this brought history to life for him!



Woodside Learning has been an exceptional experience for my daughter.  I spoke to Cyndy before enrolling in our first course and she assured me that the best way to help my child was to first instill an enjoyment for writing while “sneaking in” the academics, or mechanics, of the writing process. We have literally gone from tears to excitement. Her writing has improved by leaps and bounds, as well as her attitude. I highly recommend the Creative Writing courses from Woodside Learning!!


I wanted to say thanks for providing such an interesting and valuable course … I know (my son)  got a lot out of the class -- more than I think he would have from a more typical survey type course.  I know it was good for him to stretch his analytical muscles a bit :-).  I will be sure to recommend your class when I have the chance. 


 I really enjoyed this course! I had a great time learning more about writing and I loved how encouraging the teacher was. I want to do this again very soon.


 I throughly enjoyed this course. I thought that the assignments were creative and intriguing, as well as thought provoking. Also, it really improved my writing skills and helped equip me with techniques that will aid me in high school and college. Thank you so much for your hard work and encouragement, Mrs. McKinley!


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